Company Policy

In this document and on the basis of the context in which the company operates, Management establishes the strategies and goals to be pursued in relation to Quality Management and Environmental Sustainability.

The picture of current competitiveness makes it increasingly obvious that product and service quality must become the fundamental element for the success of any company.
To this must be added the need for dimensional growth with the development of new partnerships.
Therefore, Management commits itself:

  • to pursuing quality as its goal, as a competitive tool, through the implementation of a highly professional Company Management System;
  • to complying with the simple observance of the standards and legislation in force, a prerequisite for correctly putting the Company Management System into effect;
  • to pursuing sustained improvement in production and Research and Development with attentive prevention logic;
  • to reducing all types of risk inherent to product quality or to the environmental situation;
  • to seeking new opportunities for developing one’s business even by entering into New Strategic Partnerships.

In this scenario, the competitive capabilities of the Company will have particular relevance in terms of Technological Innovation and Strategic Partnerships (TECHNOLOGY AND PARTNERSHIP).

To implement and improve the System, conforming to the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 and to technical product standards, Management has arranged for the necessary resources, amongst which Human Resources, all specifically competent and vested with the independence, authority, and means necessary for this purpose.
Circulation and activation of the Company Policy involves all those of the Company staff that know, share and implement the objectives expressed by the Corporate Policy in operation within the Management System.

Eng. Michele Valente
rev.00 11/01/17